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Warts are an irritating skin condition that commonly affect children and teens. Though they usually aren’t serious, warts can be painful and affect your child’s self-esteem. At Bubbles Pediatrics LLC, expert pediatrician Utsahi Patel, MD, offers several types of treatment for warts, including removal with salicylic acid and cryotherapy. To make an appointment for your child, call the office in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, or click the online booking feature today.

Warts Q&A

What are warts?

Warts are tough, round viral growths that develop on your child’s skin. Warts can occur anywhere on the body, but they’re especially common on the heels and the palms of the hands. 

Most warts go away on their own, but if your child’s warts cause them pain or interfere with their quality of life, it’s important to seek professional help. Bubbles Pediatrics LLC has extensive experience diagnosing and treating warts using safe and effective means.

What are the symptoms of warts?

Symptoms of warts include:

  • Small, flesh-colored growths on your child’s hands and feet
  • Growths with a black “seed” in the center
  • Hard growths that are rough to the touch
  • Pain when your child presses or puts weight on the growth

If your child has warts on their heels or the soles of their feet, they might also experience difficulty spending time with friends or playing sports. 

Is there any way to prevent warts?

There’s no way to prevent warts entirely, but there are things your child can do to reduce their risk. Bubbles Pediatrics LLC recommends:

  • Avoiding direct contact with warts
  • Not picking or scratching at warts
  • Avoiding bad habits like nail-biting
  • Not sharing items like nail clippers with others

If your child spends time at public facilities, like saunas, swimming pools, or locker rooms, encourage them to wear shoes instead of walking barefoot.

How are warts diagnosed?

To diagnose warts, your child’s Bubbles Pediatrics LLC provider carefully examines each wart, assessing their size and severity. Your child’s provider might also remove a small section of a wart and send it to a laboratory for analysis to rule out other types of skin growths. 

How are warts treated?

Bubbles Pediatrics LLC offers several types of treatment for warts, including:


Cryotherapy is an outpatient procedure that freezes your child’s wart. Freezing the wart causes it to die. Over time, your child’s skin peels, and the wart falls off.

Peeling medication (salicylic acid)

Salicylic acid is a prescription-strength medication that removes your child’s wart one layer of skin at a time. Treatment with peeling medication takes a little longer than cryotherapy, but it’s just as effective.

Minor surgery

If your child has a wart that doesn’t respond to conservative treatments like cryotherapy or peeling medication, Bubbles Pediatrics LLC might recommend removing the wart altogether. To ensure your child’s comfort, their provider administers a local anesthetic before removing the wart.

If your child has warts, make an appointment at Bubbles Pediatrics LLC by calling the office or clicking the online booking feature today.